About Me

Hi, I’m Ally and welcome to my website.  I have been dreaming about starting a new website and travel blog for a number of years but life and work have been too busy but with the downtime during the Covid19 I have been able to turn my dream into a reality!

I have 30 years experience in the travel industry with a number of roles including cabin crew for Dan Air back in the 80’s, right up to my current role as a self-employed Travel Agent working under the Travel Counsellors franchise.

Why “A Reason to Travel”?   As I’ve got older…and wiser, the world of travel has evolved and I am finding more and more people are travelling for a reason or want to travel for a reason but do not know how to go about it.   I want to capture and reflect all the reasons people travel, psychologically as well as purpose.  This website will feature different reasons people travel, i.e. for photography, culture, cuisine and experiences, to name but a few but also looking at reasons why people do not travel i.e. families with autistic children, disabled people, people with dogs, fear of flying etc.  Please join me on my adventure and if you would like to contribute to my website please do get in touch.